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See the CamperTrolley in action

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Mover-Technology – here’s how it all started!
Back at the start of the century, Danish inventor and entrepreneur Knud Erik Westergaard is busy working on different ideas. He already has a number of inventions to his credit, including the KEWET electric car from the eighties – twenty years ahead of its time.

On a trip to Italy in the summer of 2004, he and his wife are having problems positioning their caravan, and he decides to mount a mover device. On studying the various products available, he quickly realises that none of the existing fixed-mounting movers on the market satisfy his manoeuvring needs, in part, because they significantly increase the weight on the trailer. And so he sets out to develop a better solution to the problem. His idea is to invent a strong and handy manoeuvring aid that does not have to be mounted on the caravan. After working on the project for some time, the first prototype sees the light of day in 2005.

In 2007, the first CamperTrolley CT1500 is ready for sale, and the Sun Mover ApS company is founded. Its mission is to manage sales and further development of the concept. Sun Mover later becomes Mover Technology ApS.

Invactor takes over the business and new products are added

Mover Technology is growing and the company Invactor A/S becomes part-owner in connection with an augmentation of share capital. Invactor is an incorporated enterprise that invests in smaller companies with a good product and strong development potential.  Behind Invactor is one of Denmark’s most experienced business leaders.

At the end of 2011, Invactor takes over Mover-Technology’s entire product range, and Knud Erik Westergård becomes a consultant.
In 2012, Mover-Technology ApS launches a larger version of the original CT1500 – namely the CT2500, which can move caravans and trailers weighing up to 2,500 kg. CT 2500 quickly becomes a huge success in countries such as Australia.

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